We improve your indoor air quality



Allergy Control is the experienced investigator


Ask our Mold Investigator about indoor air sampling.  We can assess your home with a variety of sampling methods.  Every home is different ask our Mold Tech to do an analysis of your home. Don’t let mold take over your home.  Call 405-641-4296 today.

Services for those in the OKC area include:

  • in-home inspection
  • survey of your home
  • mold analysis, to advise of allergen solutions
  • air duct cleaning
  • installation of germicidal UV lights.



Scope, clean, scope, and repair damaged slab ductwork

Are you seeing dust, sand, and even dirt come up out of your ductwork? You need to have it scoped, cleaned, and possible repaired by our team. It may be just a build up of dusts and house debris over the years or it may be a sign of a larger problem where the ducts or plenum have rusted away. After scoping and cleaning out your ducts, we coat them with a lining which covers the damaged areas from the registers through all the turns and into the plenum.

Specialists in duct work cleaning, scoping, repair