We improve your indoor air quality

 Through testing, germicidal UV Lights, air duct

 cleaning, repair, and scoping, we keep allergens

 from controlling your home.

What allergens are circulating in your home? Mold? Dust mites?


Allergy Control is here to...

Why call Allergy Control?

We clean and repair slab ductwork

Help you with services and products to keep allergies from controlling your life. Contaminates are trapped in today's air-tight homes, and recirculated into your living areas over and over. Allergy Control will clean that dirty air duct system, and make improvements to assure you of better indoor air quality.

Allergies can cause a multitude of aches and discomfort. Our goal is to minimize these symptoms in your home. One way we do that is to sell products for better indoor air quality. Products like air purifiers that actually work, mold & allergen lab tests, better air filters for your HVAC systems, germicidal UV lamps, dust mite proof pillows, dust mite proof mattress covers, HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners, and many other allergen solutions.  All of these items are safe, healthy, and without medication. We provide you a healthy beginning for a healthier environment indoors.

Services for those in our area include: in-home inspection & survey of your home, including mold analysis, to advise of allergen solutions, air duct cleaning, and installation of germicidal UV lights. My question to all of our customers is: “What’s Circulating In Your Home?”




Don't let allergens control your home.

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